Posted by: lihong | September 21, 2008

We’re Moving!!!

New Eve’s Closet *click*

I really didn’t want to move really, I stuck by WordPress stubbornly, insisting that html limitations won’t matter.

But I really wanted to get in touch with the customers through chatterboxes and order forms.

So I hope you all understand and please make the effort to change your links.

I wanted to this blog to automatically redirect to the new one but DAMN wordpress and their limitations won’t let me!

See ya @ blogspot!

Posted by: lihong | September 18, 2008

Ring me again ;)

*Bye Bye Mariah Carey song* this is for my ladies who love to look pretty…your best friend, your girlfriend..

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Posted by: lihong | September 17, 2008

Classy Glass

That’s right. We’re on an accessories frenzy baby!


You can never have too many anyway…

Speaking of which, you know those necklaces you can get at low prices at bazaars?

Lovely to have, but it won’t be long before the colour wears off and it’s yet another trip to bazaar for you.

That’s because those necklaces are made out of low quality materials that aren’t really durable.

Low quality = Low Cost = Low Prices.


That’s why you should invest in some good quality necklaces!

High Quality= High Prices?

Nuh-uh. Pretty Reasonable Prices if you ask me 🙂


You’ll be amazed at how this lil thing can beautify your simple attire. Suitable for simple one-coloured outfits.

I haven’t even mention the BEST PART of this necklace…

Noticed the tiny treasure box? You can actually open and close it! How cute is that?!

You can use it to store a lil pearl. Pearl not provided upon purchase lol.

Item No. 7 : MOJOZA Black Elegance

Materials: Glass Beads & Alloy

Length: Long

Price : RM25


This is when you’re wearing a dressy outfit but feel that something’s missing.

Simple yet Lovely, this is what you need to complete your outfit.

Item No. 8 : MOJOZA Black Heart

Materials: Glass Beads & Alloy

Length: Short

Price: RM 25.00 Only


Casual or Dinner? You decide. One thing’s for sure, this piece comprises of various designs that compliment each other so well, it’s practically an artwork. Pearls, Circles, Leaves..need I say more?

Item No 9 : MOJOZA Black Necklace

Materials: Glass & Plastic Beads

Length: Short

Price: RM 25.00 Only


 So dress up that sexy neck of yours with some pretty glass beads. You heard me aight, durable glass beads it is.

This is what you call smart shopping 😉

Posted by: lihong | September 17, 2008

Gimme a Ring

Think a ring doesn’t help much in dressing up an outfit unless it’s a wedding ring?
Think again!

Rings are a brilliant way of expressing your sense of style without being too in-your-face.

Item No. 5 (MOJOZA Purple Ring)

Item No. 6  (MOJOZA Turquoise Ring)

Get one of these and all your friends will be asking where did you get it.
For those who don’t, they’re probably silently envious 😉


Materials: Glass & Plastic Beads  

Size : Adjustable

Price: RM 18.00 

Available in :

  • Purple
  • Turquoise
Posted by: lihong | September 13, 2008

Adorable Vixen

Item No. 3

Don’t fancy tube tops because they can’t seem to stay put?

Fret not, what seems like a typical tube top is more than meets the eye.

check out the back view of this top
Note the cute little ribbon? This is way better than a smocked tube, as you can tie as tight as you want dahling!
Double knot even! And for those well-endowed ones, you can loosen up to prevent erm..spilling 😉
Now that’s what you call smart dressing.

And I haven’t even started on the cutesey design of this top.
Here’s a way of bringing that carefree child in you.

Available in : design 1, design 2, design 3(my personal fav)

Price : RM35

Posted by: lihong | September 13, 2008

Pretty FUNky

Item No. 2


Looks like shorts are here to stay. But it does get kinda boring with its single-tone colours or checkered patterns.
Seems like everyone has the same shorts nowadays, there’s only so many colours of the rainbow.
Get out of your comfort zone and wear something funky for once. Like this for instance.


You know how some funky designs can turn out rather eccentric and weird, though daring
Here’s something different that actually looks pretty =)

Click to view : front, back

Size : S (1 piece), M (2 pieces)’

Price : RM35

Measurements (lying flat) :

S : width 14 inches, length 9 inches

M : width 15 inches, length 9 inches


Posted by: lihong | September 12, 2008

Pure Luxury

Recent Update : Looks like everyone wants to look luxurious with this belt! There’s only ONE left.

Don’t say I didn’t remind you 😉

Item No. 4

Ain’t this a beauty?

White belts are lovely but white belts with gold details are simply luxurious!

Funny how tiny details like this can instantly add luxury and glamour.


So pair this with a seemingly dull outfit or an overly simple outfit and you’re good to go!

This belt is what you need to accentuate those curves of yours 😉

Going for RM25 each.

Measurements :
  • Entire length (lying flat) –  32 inches
  • Fits 24 inches – 27 inches waist
Status :
1 sold, 1 reserved, 1 available.
Posted by: lihong | September 12, 2008

Effortless Chic

Recent Update : This item has been our bestseller so far =) So obviously! I’m gonna try to get more stock!  so, rest assured interested customers lol. However, I can’t gurantee the supplier has stock though.

Stay tuned. can subscribe to my mailing list so you’ll be the first to know 😉 (upper left corner)

Current Status : ALL dresses are either reserved or sold. However, bidding is open for the reserved dresses 😉


Item No. 1


Want something not-too-casual yet not-too-overdressed?

Well this cute little dress can do no wrong as it’s simply e-f-f-o-r-t-l-e-s-s
The typical formula with a twist : simple design + single colour = effortless  style.

This dress hides your flaws and flaunts those always-sexy shoulders of yours.
It’s the perfect dress for those days we’ve been slacking on those sit-ups, without looking like a maternity dress.

Still can’t get over your fear of looking pregnant? Add on a belt and you’re good to go 😉

Go bare without any accessories for simplicity or play up the glamour with accessories and killer heels 😉


Wadya know, Carrie Underwood even bought from me 😛

ok truth is she looks so stunningly gorgeous here that she inspired a new trend, thus this dresses i’m selling. ok I better stop raving about how awesome these dresses are, I already feel like keeping one of them instead of selling. So hurry up and buy before I decide to wear them 😛


Size : Free Size

Price : RM39

Availble in : *click to view*